Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Dog About a Blog

Alright, I dont like dogs, I'm a cat person. Some people like dogs tho, so you can blog about that. Dog topics, dog breeds, dog care, dog anecdotes, freakin dogs man! What's that? You say people already blog about dogs? You're right! ( [just a little meta, props]) Holy shit, they seriously blogged about making your dead dog's ashes in to jewelry! 'This is my Bella-Bling! When my purse dog died from neglect, I decided to make her into what I should have gotten in the first place! Something shiny!!!' Fine it's not a quotation, but damn that's weird. Back to my point, people do blog dog, but you can do it and make people that dont care about dogs care! How? I'm Glad you asked oddly relevant voice in my mind. Involve a bit of hate.
People like when others are passionate about something, even dogs! In your blog you could hate when people have little useless fru-fru dogs!, just as an example. Or hate stuff that normal people hate, but relate it to dogs somehow. 'Geez! The President really chaps my ass! Whatever happened to that dog he got for his kids, think he ever takes care of it!? Just Waits for someone else to do it. Very presidential...' See? it doesnt even have to make sense, but I bet there's a few people that go 'yeah, Fuck that guy!' It's the internet, abuse it!

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